PasswordSafe 4.0.0 release – What is new?

Recently the staged rollout of version 4.0.0 of PasswordSafe started.

Beneath several changes “under the hood”, where especially bugs has been resolved and performance has been improved, there also are some visible changes.

One of those additions are 2 new translations: Greek and Lithuanian (Thanks to Marios Prokopiou and Edgars).

Another new feature, that has been requested alot by the users, is a category overview:
(Users that want to get directly their password list, can change back to it via menu -> Settings -> Appearance and uncheck “Show category overview”.)

Furthermore a FastScroll-Indexer has been added for easier and faster scrolling within the password list:

Additionally, the app also contains 8 new themes – available both in a light and in a dark variant. The new themes are only available for users that have pro-version.

Complete changelog
+ added Lithuanian translation, thanks to Edgars!
+ added Greek translation, thanks to Marios Prokopiou!
+ added category overview to main window (if you want still to start with password list, you can switch to old behaviour in Settings -> Appearance)
+ added fast scroll indexer in passwordlist for easier and faster scrolling
+ [PRO] new themes
o design changes to get more conform with Android Material Design
o renamed “element” to “field”
o fix that csv-backup would be in wrong directory on Android pre-Lollipop
o fix bug, that suggestions may dont show up properly
o fix bug, that importing csv/xls may fail in some cases
o add file extension check for import
o Password Generator: add option to exclude specific characters
o improve performance
o changes for Android M release
o updated libraries
– dropped support for Android 4.0, min. Android 4.1 is required now

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Blue Hour (Solar Calculator) v3.6.0 update

A new version of Blue Hour (Solar Calculator) for Android has been released. It mainly contains improvements to the map view.
• azimuth of moon is now also shown for specific time in map view
• show icons on lines in map view
• keep visibility-state of further information in map view
• performance improvements
• fix bug in widget settings

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Blue Hour v1.1 (iOS)

Recently a new version of Blue Hour (Solar Calculator) for iOS has been approved and is now available.

The new version comes up with following changes:
– added support for iOS 9
– Spanish translation has been added (Thanks to Jonas Bleyl!)
– further improvements.


Password Safe v3.0.0 Release

After a longer time of development I began rolling out the new version 3.0.0 of the Password Safe-app.

The update includes a lot of changes, new features, improvements and bugfixes.

Essential changes at a glance
+ added Slovak translation, thanks to Juraj Olajec!
+ use SQLCipher for database
+ [PRO] define multiple categories for an entry
+ support for Samsung Multiwindow feature
– redesign
– extend search function (search in whole entry)
– file export to external sd cards works again (Android 4.4 KitKat and up)
– performance optimizations
– bugfixes

I hope you will like update :)

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