Blue Hour for Android

Blue Hour (sun calculator) is a tool, that calculates information about sunrise, sunset together with data of the blue hour and the golden hour.

In this app you can view sun-data of multiple locations. These can be defined manually or automatically by getting your GPS- or network location. Furthermore it is possible to add reminder for the events, that you do not miss them. Additionally you have the opportunity to manually set timezones of the locations, which can be helpful if you are planning trips to locations with another timezone than the one, where you currently are in.

Note: the calculated values are approximations. Additionally it depends on weather situation, how good or if the blue or golden hour is visible.

– calculation of sunrise and sunset
– calculation of civil blue hour
– calculation of golden hour
– visualization of azimuth-date of sunrise and sunset
– 5 days weather prediction
– definition of multiple locations, incl. current position
– monthly forecast
– export of monthly forecast into xls-table
– reminder for events


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